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Introducing the New Barnes & Noble College Website

Barnes & Noble College website
November 19, 2020
BNC Website
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A Message from Lisa Malat: Welcome to the New Barnes & Noble College Website

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, deep consumer insights and industry expertise are more important than ever. Barnes & Noble College makes it a priority to share our knowledge and insights with our campus partners and the higher education community—and today, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new website, redesigned for just that purpose. 

When you visit the new, you’ll find a more streamlined design, improved functionality and greater searchability. It offers easy access to information about how we help institutions improve student success, deliver cutting-edge retail experiences and, ultimately, increase revenue.

Key features include: 

  • A comprehensive overview of academic solutions, retail services and college insights from across Barnes & Noble Education
  • A robust Industry Insights destination that includes research reports, case studies, articles and more
  • Easy-to-access event and webinar registration, information and on-demand webinar playback
  • Interactive features such as an ROI calculator for First Day® inclusive access and videos featuring product demos
  • Personalized content based on your role and interest

We invite you to explore the dynamic new site and come back to visit regularly. It will be updated often with success stories and updates from campuses across the U.S., as well as announcements like product launches and essential industry news.

Together, we can leverage the latest insights and implement innovative solutions to help meet the changing needs of your campus community, resetting for success through the pandemic—and beyond.

Discover Barnes & Noble College at

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