Consumer engagement validated by
student insights


Consumer engagement validated by student insights

Walking into our stores offers a distinct experience not found on any other campus, with everything tailored to the individual school and community. Our offerings are powered by feedback from student and faculty surveys, in addition to national trend insights from our platform of student, alumni and parents from across the country.

Signage of store says "Grad COLLECTION"
students seeing deligted on selecting and buying their school merchandise
Student First

Industry-leading offerings driven by your campus community

Test programs and our student point-of-view platform allow us to quickly infuse the latest trends into our assortment of apparel and merchandise, ensuring your offerings always represent what’s current.

Our partners benefit from:

  • Eye-catching impulse zones and pop-ups that increase shopper engagement
  • Highly customizable branded apparel and merchandise
  • Omni-channel marketing campaigns
  • Partnerships with leading brands
  • Specialty and high-end gift selections
  • A variety of must-have supplies


“The Barnes & Noble team at MCC plays a huge part in our student life by offering the latest fashions with the MCC branding. They participate in student events and generate their own student-participated events. Our clothing line is up 13.4% over last year.”

Dr. John Selmon, Vice President of Student Services and Administration