Gen Z college students are savvy consumers. They’ve grown accustomed to on-demand, frictionless, and personalized experiences. And, they expect the same from their institutions.

First Day Complete delivers the convenience, access, and affordability that college students demand. This modern course material delivery model ensures all students receive all course materials by day one of classes.



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Driving Successful Student Outcomes with First Day® Complete

Watch Now—Community College: An Equitable Solution for Our Future Workforce Webinar

The latest webinar in our signature COLLEGE 2030 series on the future of higher education, Community College: An Equitable Solution for Our Future Workforce, is now available on demand.

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Equitable Access: Shaping a Path to Improved Student Outcomes

As student learning behaviors and preferences evolve, the ways we deliver course materials evolve as well. Students, faculty and administrators have adapted and embraced changes in course materials over time – such as using digital materials and integrating course materials directly into learning management systems. Now, we have a modern delivery model tailored to the […]

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First Day® Complete Delivers Results as It Expands to More Campuses

Understanding students’ needs, behaviors and preferences is vital to supporting their success. Barnes & Noble College keeps a finger on the pulse, conducting research throughout the year that informs everything we do. At the end of the Spring 2021 term, we checked in with students participating in First Day® Complete, our equitable access program, to […]

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Provost Shares How Their Community College Improved Student Retention & Outcomes

As the Spring 2021 term began to wrap up, AACC Digital brought community colleges together virtually to discuss industry topics that will shape the new academic year. Barnes & Noble College and Onondaga Community College (OCC) helped kick off the event with a workshop: Breaking Down Barriers and Examining Practices to Increase Equity. Improving outcomes […]

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