Academic Solutions · Article
Independent Study: Higher Course Completion Rates for Students Participating in Equitable Access Programs
Research from the University of New Hampshire found that community college students participating in an equitable access program are much more likely to complete a course than non-participants.
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Academic Solutions · Article
First Day® Complete: Driving Positive Student Outcomes (Infographic)
In May 2022, BNC Insights, conducted an online survey for all students who participated in the First Day Complete program. Students provided strong positive feedback about the impact First Day Complete has on their academic success.
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Academic Solutions · report
College 2030™ – Emerging from the Pandemic: Reimagining Higher Education
Students and institutions are on the path to prepare for a post-pandemic future. As the world has adapted and developed solutions to conquer COVID-19, higher education must do the same, revising offerings and solutions to best accommodate emerging student needs.
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Barnes & Noble College Retail Portfolio
Our new retail portfolio showcases BNC’s innovative approach, including a highly visual look at merchandise curation, store design, course material delivery and more.
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Academic Solutions · case study
First Day® Complete Drives Enrollment Increase at EKU
The university implemented the equitable access program to ensure students had the resources they needed. It demonstrated support for student success and encouraged prospective students and parents to move EKU to the top of their priority list.
04 / 21 / 2022
Academic Solutions · Article
7 Reasons to Consider First Day® Complete from Faculty and Administrators
Faculty and administrator panelists shared insights on how First Day Complete removes barriers from higher education by improving access, convenience and affordability during our recent webinar, Real Talk: Where Could You Be with Equitable Access?
03 / 27 / 2023
Academic Solutions · Article
First Day® Complete: From The Student’s Perspective
VIDEO: See what the students see – better access, convenience and affordability – when they take advantage of the First Day Complete equitable access model for course materials.
03 / 07 / 2023
Academic Solutions · Article
First Day® Complete Perspectives: Coastal Carolina Talks Implementing the Program
Launched in Fall 2022, First Day Complete is off to a strong start at Coastal Carolina University. The Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprises offers lessons learned and tips on communicating about the program with key audiences.
03 / 02 / 2023
College Insights · webinar
Real Talk: Where Could You Be With Equitable Access?
The panel of faculty and administrators from innovative two- and four-year institutions shared their experiences and successes with First Day Complete. They also answered questions from peers on the simplicity of the program, the course materials adoption process, implementation and more.
02 / 27 / 2023
College Insights · webinar
The Equitable Access Impact: New Data on Student Outcomes
The conversation about equitable access programs for course materials has evolved from the “what” … to the “why.” In this webinar, speakers from UNH, Southern Miss and BNC explore equitable access data and insights from three angles: student satisfaction, student success, and institutional feedback.
10 / 31 / 2022
Athletics · webinar
50 Years of Title IX: The Progress, Impact and Promise
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX, leaders from across higher education share their personal stories, discuss the opportunities provided by Title IX and celebrate the lasting impact on past, present and future generations.
08 / 02 / 2022
White Papers
course material adoption process
Academic Solutions · white paper
Streamlining the Course Material Adoption Process
The white paper takes a deep dive into the adoption process today, the challenges we need to solve and how to simplify the experience for faculty and administrators.
01 / 05 / 2021
Academic Solutions · white paper
The Future of Course Material Management
In times of change and uncertainty, the need for institutions of higher education to demonstrate value to students and parents is paramount. What does the educational journey look like? How will the institution support student success?
06 / 15 / 2020
Professor Teaching
Academic Solutions · white paper
Energize Faculty Tech Use on Campus
Listen to speakers from Howard University and Xavier University of Louisiana for a panel discussion moderated by Barnes & Noble Education CEO Michael Huseby.
05 / 21 / 2019
College Insights · report
Student Pulse 2022
We sat down with students on U.S. college campuses and conducted online quantitative research with students nationwide. And we’re ready to share our insights with you.
10 / 24 / 2022
COLLEGE 2030 student loan survey
College Insights · report
COLLEGE 2030 Pulse Check: Students Weigh in on Biden Administration’s Loan Forgiveness Plan
BNC surveyed 1,214 college students, across the U.S., during and found that while majority of students have loans, some are unsure if they qualify for the loan forgiveness program and majority don’t know what the process is to apply for forgiveness.
09 / 08 / 2022
College Insights · report
College 2030™ – Emerging from the Pandemic: Reimagining Higher Education
Students and institutions are on the path to prepare for a post-pandemic future. As the world has adapted and developed solutions to conquer COVID-19, higher education must do the same, revising offerings and solutions to best accommodate emerging student needs.
06 / 27 / 2022
Case Studies
Academic Solutions · case study
FIU Launches First Day Complete: BNC Blueprint for Implementation Drives Successful Start
When FIU implemented First Day® Complete, branded as Panther Book Pack, it launched an expansive marketing and communications campaign to students, parents, faculty and the community. BNC and FIU worked together closely throughout the strategic planning and launch process, supporting a successful rollout; at the end of the first term, 80% of participating students said they would recommend the program.
01 / 16 / 2023
Retail Reimagined · case study
Driving a 160% sales increase for South Carolina with NCAA Tournament Merchandise
When UofSC won the 2022 NCAA women’s basketball tournament, fans wanted to celebrate with championship merchandise. BNC had it ready to buy online in 4 minutes – and partnered with the university on a monthlong campaign, building excitement and driving a 160% sales increase YTD.
10 / 27 / 2022
Retail Reimagined · case study
Triple-Digit Sales Increases: Merchandise & Promotions After Ole Miss Championship Win
After the University of Mississippi won the 2022 College World Series, BNC had championship merchandise available to buy in real time. Sales increased in store, and online sales skyrocketed, with increases of 718% year over year for school spirit clothing.
09 / 26 / 2022